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Doctors recommend that we walk more to prevent obesity and other ailments. For some people, walking or cycling is the only way to get around; but walking in the United States comes with a risk: a pedestrian setting out on a walk is one-and-a-half times more likely to die on the trip than a passenger in a car.

Here are some startling statistics about pedestrian accident:

  • Pedestrian deaths across the country totaled 4,432 deaths in 2011; an additional 69,000 pedestrians were injured.
  • A pedestrian dies when struck by a motor vehicle roughly once every two hours, and a pedestrian is injured about once every eight minutes.
  • Those who choose to get around on bicycles are also at risk. In 2011, 677 cyclists were killed and another 48,000 were injured in crashes with motor vehicles.
  • Alabama’s pedestrian fatality statistics top the national average of 1.26 per 100,000 people, with a rate of 1.7 per 100,000, many of these in Baldwin and Mobile Counties.

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Driver Negligence Causes Pedestrian Injuries & Deaths

Many of these fatalities and injuries could be prevented and would not have happened if not for improper, negligent, or careless driver behaviors. The privilege of driving comes with a duty of care to others. When a driver fails to exercise reasonable care, that driver is said to be negligent.

Some common examples of driver negligence include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Disregarding traffic signs and signals
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to signal a turn or lane change
  • Unsafe turns

These are among the major causes of pedestrian injuries and wrongful death that can be attributed to driver negligence.

Pedestrian Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Another type of accident that can injure pedestrians is a slip or trip and fall accident. These accidents are typically due to a hazardous condition on a walkway, such as uneven or slippery pavement, debris, or falling objects that can cause a pedestrian to lose footing and fall, resulting in an injury.

In this case, it is the owner or operator of the premises who owes the duty of care to those who are there legally. A property owner or the person or entity controlling the premises has a duty to maintain the property in a safe condition and to warn people if hazards are present. Failure to exercise reasonable care on one’s premises may constitute negligence and entitle the victim to compensation.

What to Do Following a Pedestrian Accident

If you’ve been injured or a member of your family killed in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver or property owner, you are entitled to make a claim for monetary compensation for both your economic and non-economic losses.

To protect your right to recover for your injuries:

  • Call the police immediately and make a report.
  • Remain at the scene of the accident until help arrives.
  • Record the names and contact information for any witnesses, and if possible, have someone take photos of the scene.
  • Do not discuss your physical condition with anyone.
  • Get prompt medical attention and avoid interaction with any insurance company representative.

The driver of the vehicle that hit you or the owner of the premises where you tripped and fell will often try to place the blame for the accident on you or claim that your injury was not caused by the accident but by something else. Your experienced pedestrian accident attorney will investigate the facts of your case and, when necessary, engage the services of expert witnesses including accident reconstructionists and medical professionals to testify on your behalf.

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