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Our estate planning and litigation attorneys are some of the most active estate and trust litigation practitioners in Alabama. Oftentimes, law firms make the mistake of assigning estate and trust litigation cases to lawyers who are estate planners with little or no experience with litigation, while in others, litigators with minimal or no experience with estates and trusts are relied upon to resolve such disputes. Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana is different from other law firms.

It is our strong belief that in order to fully represent and accurately litigate estate and trust matters, having a zealous litigator and proficient estates and trust attorney is crucial. For this reason, our firm is often the firm of choice not just for individuals and charities but also for other attorneys who wish to refer complex estate and trust litigation cases to us.

Our estate and trust trial lawyers have had enormous success at both Probate and Circuit Courts and through mediation in all types of matters concerning estate and trust litigation. Our deep understanding and experience in this area allows us to deliver fierce, expedient, and cost-effective representation to individuals, corporate and individual fiduciaries, beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees, conservators, and large and small businesses.

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Our Estate Lawyers Don’t Settle for Second Best.

At Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, our Foley estate planning attorneys aspire to be leaders in all matters concerning estates and trust litigation and consider this area to be a core part of the firm’s general litigation practice. Our lawyers have had enormous success in both probate and circuit courts and through mediation in all types of matters concerning estate and trust litigation.

  • Breach of fiduciary duties by executors, administrators, trustees, powers of attorney, guardians, conservators. Defending accusations of breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Will contests, undue influence, and mental incompetence
  • Interpretation and construction of documents and validity of documents
  • Accounting proceedings to challenge or defend management of an estate or trust
  • Contests regarding appointment of guardians and conservators
  • Removal of trustees, executors, administrators, powers of attorney, guardians, and conservators. Defending accusations concerning such removal.
  • Spousal rights proceedings to question or establish inheritance rights




Settlement in Breach of Fiduciary Duties of a Trustee in a Trust Litigation Lawsuit.




Settlement in Estates and Trust Litigation concerning the Unauthorized Practice of Law, Mental Incompetence and Undue Influence.




Settlement in an Estates and Trust Litigation Matter concerning Breach of Fiduciary Duties of Trustees.


To understand what our firm does best, you have to understand the difference between estate planning and estate litigation. Lots of law firms do an adequate job of helping clients plan an estate, which typically involves the distribution of assets after a person has died. Few firms have experienced and skilled attorneys who are successful at estate litigation, which means taking others to court (sometimes executors, trustees, guardians, spouses, relatives, etc.) to prove that they are unlawfully or unethically carrying out their fiduciary or care responsibilities as defined in an estate plan.

Many attorneys can create an estate plan, and we can do that, too. Significantly fewer attorneys in Alabama are skilled at taking parties to court and challenging the validity or execution of that plan. This is what we do best at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana. We are fierce litigators who excel in a courtroom and are aggressive about representing our clients’ legal rights.

Our South Alabama Estate Lawyers Know How To Win

When it comes to estate litigation, we are not looking for a compromise, we are looking for a legal victory. Our decades of experience in estate litigation enables us to deliver expedient, aggressive, and cost-effective representation to individuals, corporations, trustees, large and small businesses, beneficiaries, conservators, individual fiduciaries and others. Our litigation attorneys can also help clients contest wills, challenge or prove mental incompetence, and question or establish inheritance rights.

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“We highly recommend attorney Deepti Asthana for all your legal needs. She is competent, honest, trustworthy, and pleasant to be around. Her excellent negotiation skills and timely attention to detail set her apart. A real winner.”

- Leighton & Christine K.

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“In early 2013, a small group of investors decided to purchase the golf club at which they were members. Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana were hired to handle the legal work associated with our desire to purchase the club. Drew Wenzel and Deepti Asthana were soon spending many hours on the purchase, our incorporation, by-laws creation, licenses and permit applications, etc. Drew and Deepti took a personal interest in the purchase, going far beyond just doing legal work. After 8 months of dealing with the owners–a Fortune 500 Company, Drew and Deepti won the war of attrition and the big corporation from the North threw in the towel. We were very pleased with the final terms and very pleased with the performance of Drew and Deepti. Not only did they become our attorneys for life but just as importantly, they became our friends!”

- Sam Strite, Treasurer, Glenlakes Golf Club, Inc.

OUR CLIENTS Law Firm ReviewsUS


“Working with the lawyers at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, PC was a good experience. They spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. They were very helpful.”

- Robert E.

OUR CLIENTS Law Firm ReviewsUS


“Thank you. Your professionalism and determination made all the difference in my Estate and Trust Litigation matter. You exceeded my greatest expectation, and have added significantly to my families future. I am grateful for your sincere concern.”

- Keith P.
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