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Alabama Law Firm Overview Video
Firm Overview
Get to know our firm.

Meet the attorneys and staff at Caldwell Wenzel Asthana, located in Foley, Alabama. A team of individuals who are not afraid to take any case to trial.

Car Accident Lawyers Foley, AL
Car Accidents
Our attorneys can help you with your car accident claim.

Our car accident attorneys discuss how insurance companies will attempt to pay as little as possible for the injuries you have suffered. Our attorneys know how to guarantee that the insurance companies will recognize the full amount you should be awarded based on your injuries.

Estate Litigation Video
Estate Litigation
Let our estate litigation attorneys help you.

Disputes may arise when the final wishes of a loved one come into question. Our estate litigation attorneys have the experience and resources you need to understand and work through these complex laws.

Alabama Estate Litigation Attorney
Estate Litigation Information
What you need to know about estae litigation.

Hear the details of two real cases our estate litigation attorneys have worked on. We will fight for those who need to maintain the wishes of a deceased loved one and for those who have feel situations may have been manipulated.

Estate Planning Video
Estate Planning
Let our estate planning lawyers help you.

Estate planning can be a simple or complex process, they are as unique as the individual they are created for. Our estate plan lawyers at Caldwell Wenzel Asthana are ready to sit down and hear any questions you have, to determine the best plan for you.

Alabama Probate Video
What our probate attorneys can offer you.

Probate is a complicated process and requires many steps that one of our experience attorneys have been through countless times. We want to relieve this burden and start by offering a free consultation so you can get to know what our probate lawyers can offer you.

Video: Alabama Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies
Contact us to help you determine what action to take.

Insurance companies want to resolve a situation quickly because they know you may not have a full knowledge of the extent of your injuries at that time. Our personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation so we can help you determine what action to take without being rushed.

Law Firm Video: Taking Cases to Court
Taking Cases to Trial
Let us help you get the settlement you deserve.

We know any case has the potential to go to trial. We have taken many personal injury cases to trial and the insurance companies know the Caldwell Wenzel Asthana name. When you hire our personal injury attorneys, you hire a team that will take any necessary steps to get you the settlement you deserve.