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A neck injury can alter a person’s quality of life in many ways. Compensation for medical bills lost wages, and other losses may be available if you suffer an injury at work or in an accident.

Injuries to the neck often occur in car accidents, falls, construction accidents, and sports-related accidents. They can range from soft tissue injuries to fractured vertebrae to spinal cord injuries causing quadriplegia. These painful and often debilitating injuries can severely restrict your activities, impacting your ability to work and enjoy life.


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What Legal Options Do You Have If You’ve Suffered a Neck Injury?

The answer will depend on what happened and whether or not someone was careless and caused the injury to occur.

Expenses involved with a neck injury can be recovered in two primary ways:

  1. Workers’ compensation if the accident occurred at work or while performing job-related duties, or
  2. If you were hurt in an event like a vehicle crash, trip and fall, or used a faulty product, there’s a chance you can file a personal injury claim.

Getting in touch with a lawyer after an accident is essential. Whether you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries and require immediate medical attention or has just returned from the emergency hospital, getting a consultation with an attorney is vital.

Our personal injury attorneys at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana are prepared to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit involving any vehicle, whether large or small; any type of injury; and all insurance companies.

Types of Neck Injuries

  • Neck sprain and strain result from tearing or overstretching of the neck muscles or ligaments, the thick bands of tissue that support the seven cervical vertebrae. A neck sprain or strain happens when muscles and ligaments are abruptly and forcefully contracted or stretched farther than usual. These painful injuries to the soft tissue of your neck are referred to as hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries or whiplash.
  • Cervical radiculopathy is commonly called a pinched nerve. The nerves around the cervical spine run through the shoulders and down the arms, carrying sensations and electrical impulses to the arm and hand. If a nerve is impinged or irritated, it can cause weakness, numbness, or pain radiating from the neck into the parts of the body where the nerve travels, called cervical radiculopathy.
  • A herniated disc occurs in a car accident, fall, or another incident that causes the gelatinous material cushioning the area between the vertebrae to bulge. This presses against the spinal nerves and causes severe pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness from the neck into the arms and hands.
  • A cervical fracture is a broken neck. This is a severe and debilitating injury to any of the seven cervical vertebrae. Traffic crashes, diving accidents, and falls can cause a broken neck, which can result in paralysis or death when neck bones or bone fragments injure the spinal cord.
  • Spinal cord injuriesin the neck area generally cause quadriplegia, paralysis of the body below the point of damage, robbing the victim of using all four limbs and frequently of the ability to breathe without a ventilator. Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic and life-changing injuries, leaving the victim needing assistance with the most basic tasks and lifetime care.

Possible Signs That You’ve Injured Your Neck

A neck injury may not be immediately apparent when you’ve just been in a car accident, but it will often appear in the coming hours or days. This is one reason you should be wary of making statements to the other driver, the police, or any insurance company representative about your condition.

Symptoms of neck injuries that we often see in the wake of a car accident or other trauma include:

  • Neck pain
  • Headache
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arms or hands
  • Restricted range of motion in your neck
  • Muscle spasms in your neck
  • Total loss of bodily sensation below your neck, indicating spinal cord damage.

Workers’ Compensation for Neck Injuries

Almost all businesses in Alabama must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they employ five or more people; therefore, if a person is hurt on the job, they can seek benefits through workers’ compensation.

Aside from municipalities having a population of less than 2,000, this does not apply to businesses that employ domestic workers, farm laborers, temporary workers, or other similar workers.

You can get hurt on the job in several ways, including accidents and the cumulative effects of heavy lifting and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), poor posture when driving, sitting at a desk, or performing other activities linked to your profession.

Insurance for workers is a no-fault system. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees injured in the workplace regardless of who was at fault. Whether you accidentally hurt yourself or someone else was at fault makes no difference. To qualify for workers’ compensation in the state of Alabama, you need only show that . . .

  1. You were hurt on the job or while doing work-related activities
  2. Your financial situation worsened as a result of the injury.

Your injury would be covered if it occurred while you were carrying out work-related responsibilities. For example, you could file a workers’ compensation claim if you were hurt in a car accident while picking up lunch for your team or department.

Personal Injury Claims for Neck Injuries

The principle behind personal injury law is that an injured party who has proven that another party’s negligence caused their injury is entitled to be “made whole” or compensated to the point where they are at the same place financially that they would have been if the incident hadn’t happened at all.

There are five requirements for establishing negligence:

  1. Duty. You’ll need to show that the defendant had a responsibility to you to avoid harm.
  2. Breach. You have the duty of proving that the defendant was negligent.
  3. Causation. As the plaintiff, you are responsible for proving that the defendant’s breach directly resulted in your damages.
  4. Injury. The defendant’s conduct must have directly caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages.
  5. Damages. There must be monetary loss on account of the injury.

Complications in Claiming for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Alabama pure contributory negligence standard adds a layer of difficulty to some personal injury lawsuits. Each state has one of four different fault systems. These rules say whether or not a plaintiff could get damages if they had any part in the accident that caused the injury or are responsible for it.

Although plaintiffs in some other jurisdictions can have their share of damages reduced by their proportion of fault, in Alabama, this is not the case. If the plaintiff in a personal injury claim in Alabama was at fault or was involved in any manner in the accident that caused the plaintiff’s injuries, the plaintiff would be ineligible to receive any compensation.

Therefore, it is vital to have a competent Alabama attorney who can evaluate the facts and acquit you of blame, especially if the accident that caused the neck injury was a car accident or something similar where liability could be a concern.

How We Can Help

Having legal representation after an injury is beneficial. Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana will handle the legal details so you may focus on getting better. We are well-known in Mobile, Foley, and all of South Alabama for being among the most competent personal injury attorneys.

For clients who have suffered a catastrophic loss or severe injury due to wrongful death, we have achieved considerable settlements and verdicts, some of which were more than a million dollars. You can rely on us to fight hard and relentlessly on your behalf.

Due to the intricate nature of the legal system, those who suffer injuries typically benefit more from settlements and jury awards if they retain legal representation. A good lawyer will know what evidence to look for, who to question, and how to put together a compelling case on your behalf. On your own, this will be extremely difficult to achieve.

Quickly, and frequently without cause, innocent people can suffer life-altering injuries. It is not right that you should accept your losses if you were hurt because somebody was negligent.

You may be able to recover the money you need from your injuries by filing a lawsuit against the party or parties at fault.

Experienced Lawyers Serving Alabama

Neck injuries can be excruciating and can impose severe restrictions on your activities. They can be complex and challenging to prove. Soft tissue injuries don’t show up on X-rays, so it is essential to have medical experts document this type of injury.

At the other end of the spectrum is quadriplegia, a catastrophic injury for which you will need to be able to recover enough money to provide a lifetime of care. In any case of this type, you will need an experienced neck injury attorney to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Our experienced Foley neck injury lawyers at Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana are ready to provide a free consultation to learn more about your case. Contact us online or call us at (251) 444-7000 for more information.


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