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A traumatic accident is a shocking and devastating event. When the accident results from the negligent actions of others, victims have a right to pursue compensation for their damages.

Alabama civil law is not something one can learn overnight. Foley personal injury lawyers have the education, skills, and experience to manage your personal injury case. A lawyer by your side protects you from settling for less than you deserve.

Understanding Foley Personal Injury Accidents

A personal injury accident is an accident involving negligence. We all have a duty of care to those we share roadways with, invite onto our property, or interact with another way.

The duty of care — and a breach of that duty — can make someone liable for a victim’s personal injury damages. The matter falls under Alabama civil law, making the need for a Foley personal injury attorney crucial for a lawsuit.

To prove negligence, an attorney must prove the following:

  • The responsible party owed the victim a duty of care.
  • The responsible party breached (disregarded) that duty of care.
  • The victims suffered damages as a result of the breach.
  • The responsible party’s actions caused the breach.

A traumatic accident can leave you unsure of precisely what did happen. Once you realize the magnitude of your damages and the reason for them, it is time to contact an attorney.

Negligence results in life-altering changes for accident victims. The decision to act with careless disregard for others is not acceptable, and, in some cases, it is criminal. A criminal case may address justice but does not address your damages. Alabama civil law protects your right to fight for compensation. If you or a loved one suffered severe harm due to negligence, a Foley personal injury lawyer can help you.

Common Types of Foley Personal Injury Accidents

One of the most common types of personal injury accidents involves motor vehicles. If the driver of a car or truck recklessly causes a crash, they are generally liable for the victim’s damages.

Examples of driver negligence include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Texting, eating, or other behind-the-wheel distractions
  • Aggressive driving, including speeding and purposely tailgating
  • Driving with too little rest or an undiagnosed sleep condition.

All road users are at risk of severe injuries and possible death due to these and other types of dangerous drivers. Pedestrians and bicyclists face extreme danger due to their lack of protection.

Motor vehicle accidents are just one example of Foley personal injury accidents. Other types of cases involving personal injury include:

  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect.

These are just a few examples of personal injury cases. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to the careless actions of another person, your case may qualify for civil action.

A Foley personal injury lawyer can determine if you have a case and, if so, how to proceed. You do not have to face your personal injury claim and lawsuit alone. The right lawyer by your side can ease your anxiety during this stressful time.

Personal Injuries: The Long Fight After a Sudden Accident

The impact of your crash, fall, or your loved one’s abuse can last forever. Severe injuries affect almost all aspects of your life, from physical to financial.

Spinal cord, brain, and back injuries can end your career, favorite hobbies, or other activities you enjoy.  Some injuries require more care than you or your family can provide.

The decision to place a loved one in a skilled nursing facility is not easy or inexpensive. Ensuring they receive the 24-hour care they need costs thousands each month. This expense is just one example of why pursuing compensation is necessary and worth the fight.

Changes in your life can cause feelings such as anger, frustration, and concern about your future. A free case consultation with a Foley personal injury attorney is a proactive step toward possible legal action. Alabama personal injury accident victims have a right to pursue compensation. Protecting your best interests during this time is vital for your case. Schedule your free case consultation today if your life has forever changed due to negligence.

Your Foley Personal Injury Accident Damages

Painful injuries are a significant part of your damages following a tragic accident. An extended hospitalization and your medical care can build costly medical bills.

The length of your recovery can determine if and when you return to your job. For some accident victims, the damage is permanent, preventing them from rejoining their careers. Even if you have employee benefits such as sick leave and health insurance, their temporary fix can quickly run out.

Fighting for compensation now is crucial for covering all your damages, such as:

  • Medical transport: Air ambulance transport costs continue to climb, with an average flight costing patients thousands of dollars.
  • Medical care fees: Expenses relating to a hospital, trauma center, physicians, tests, and more
  • Extended care costs: Charges for ongoing care, such as rehabilitation, home medical supplies, and therapies
  • Lost wages: Income lost during the recovery period
  • Future earnings: Potential income lost, if you are unable to return to work
  • Mental anguish: Pain and suffering you experienced due to the negligence.

Compensation cannot return your life to the way it was before the accident. It can, however, if successful, ease your financial stress.

Medical costs continue to rise, making quality care expensive. You or your loved one deserves to receive the care and supplies needed after an unfair injury. The time to get started with your fight for compensation is now. Hold the responsible party accountable with help from a personal injury lawyer.

Alabama victims of negligence suffer unnecessary harm. A Foley personal injury attorney can help victims fight for the compensation they both need and deserve.


Why the Attorney You Choose Matters

Choosing the right Alabama personal injury attorney for your civil claim and lawsuit is vital for your case. Legal action is a serious and complex matter that demands experience, skill, and a firm understanding of Alabama law.

At Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana Injury Lawyers, we take great pride in representing Alabama accident victims. Our caring demeanor is sincere. We believe no one should use their own funds to pay for costs caused by negligence.

Our team is well-known for our aggressive approach inside and outside the courtroom. We thrive in a courtroom environment, which leads other firms to refer us for cases.

The following vital reasons are why accident victims choose us for their personal injury cases:

  • We prepare: No matter where the case stands in the civil process, we are ready to go to trial anytime.
  • We fight: Our team includes more than 25 years of combined experience that we put to work for our clients.
  • We excel: While compensation is never guaranteed, our case results demonstrate our commitment to an intense fight.

Contact us if you or a loved one suffered harm in a Foley personal injury accident. Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana Injury Lawyers offers a free case consultation. You have nothing to lose by learning more about your options for justice.

Not all personal injury lawyers are the same. We have the experience your case needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Personal Injury Cases

Most Foley accident victims are unfamiliar with Alabama civil law. The common questions below can help ease your mind about your possible civil case.

Can I still sue if there is a criminal case for my accident?

Yes. A criminal case does not impact your ability to pursue an Alabama personal injury lawsuit.

What is the statute of limitations?

The statute of limitations is the amount of time allowed under Alabama law for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Victims in both types of cases have two years to pursue compensation.

Can I pursue additional compensation later, after my case?

No. The compensation you agree to now closes your case. Having a Foley personal injury lawyer by your side can protect you from accepting less than you deserve.

Will my case go to trial?

Your Foley personal injury lawyer will begin by negotiating for a fair settlement outside of court. Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana Injury Lawyers proceed to trial when necessary.

What does wrongful death mean?

A wrongful death case relates to a death resulting from negligence. Compensation cannot replace your loved one. However, it can serve as a form of justice for your loss.

Asking questions helps you as you learn more about the civil process. Your personal injury lawyer can explain the process, keep you informed, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana Injury Lawyers: How We Can Help

With our combined experience of more than 25 years and our caring client approach, we are here to help you. Our team understands that accident victims feel overwhelmed and confused by the legal process. At Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, we are compassionate with those harmed due to someone else’s negligence. We are also aggressive fighters in the pursuit of compensation for your damages.

Do not let the fear of legal fees prevent you from reaching out for our help. We work on a contingency-fee-basis. This means we collect no fees unless and until we win your case. Simply put, if we do not win, you do not pay.

As a victim of negligence, you have enough on your shoulders. Let us ease your burden by entrusting a lawyer from our team with your case. Contacting us sooner rather than later allows your lawyer more time to prepare your claim and lawsuit.

Your Foley Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers

While most personal injury cases settle without a trial, hiring a lawyer with trial experience is essential for protecting your rights. Trial litigation is complex and challenging. Having a lawyer who is courtroom-ready is a relief should your case go to trial.

Personal injury accidents involve various factors. Motor vehicle crashes are just one type of traumatic event that can alter your life forever. If you are unsure if your case qualifies as a personal injury case, seek a free case consultation without delay.

Insurance companies may say they want to help you. Proceed cautiously and do not sign or accept a settlement without legal representation. We can manage settlement negotiations on your behalf. Our experience is invaluable when it comes to the negotiation process. Never settle for less than you deserve; instead, hire a member of our team as soon as possible.

Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana Injury Lawyers serve Foley, Alabama, personal injury and wrongful death accident victims. Contact us today for help with your civil case: 251-444-7000.


Our Award-Winning Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers have recovered millions on behalf of our clients. While other attorneys try to avoid litigation, we thrive in high-stakes litigation. Contact Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, P.C. to put our exceptional skills to work for your injury claim.

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