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Motorcycles are an efficient means of transport to get around Birmingham, Alabama. They are also an exciting hobby for motorcycle enthusiasts. Even though there are many benefits to using motorbikes in Birmingham, riders are more likely to sustain severe injuries than occupants of passenger vehicles, trucks or buses. This is because motorcycles offer less protection.

Alabama insurance regulations and cunning insurance providers can complicate the process of securing compensation for injured riders. For this reason, injured motorcyclists need to enlist the services of a Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in handling these types of injury claims.

You may have legal recourse if you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle crash in Birmingham. This may result in a damage award to compensate you financially for your injuries.

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If you’ve sustained injuries while riding your motorcycle, we can help. We offer free case reviews. You don’t pay anything unless we win. Call (855) 390-5566 now.

Why Choose Us?

At Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, our motorcycle accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL, are familiar with the laws governing motorcycles — which vary considerably from those governing car wrecks — and have vast experience dealing with insurance carriers. We have access to experts who can bolster your claim, including medical doctors and accident reconstructionists.

Our Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyers are aggressive when it comes to negotiating for the best possible settlement and protecting the rights of injured victims. Led by attorneys Deepti Asthana, C. Randall Caldwell, Jr. and Drew Wenzel, you can rely on our diverse experience of over 25 years and proven litigation skills to go above and beyond to get you the justice and settlement you deserve.

Over the years, we have established a successful track record of results for our clients. Additionally, many of our previous clients highly recommend us. Our testimonials say it all.

How We Can Help

Your health should be your main priority after a Birmingham motorcycle accident. You should focus on recovery rather than locking horns with insurance adjusters and claims representatives.

Unfortunately, you must go through an insurance company if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence. You don’t have to do this alone. Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our legal team has decades of experience going toe to toe with insurers on behalf of clients. Here’s what our Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys can do to help you with your injury claim:

  • Investigate the crash, collect evidence, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury claim
  • Identify all liable parties responsible for your accident and injuries
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and push for the best possible settlement
  • Consult experts, including accident reconstructionists and doctors, to build the strongest case possible
  • Keep you updated every step of the way while advising you so you can make informed decisions
  • Take your case to trial if an out-of-court settlement is unfeasible.

After a motorcycle accident, you have enough on your plate. You should focus on resting and healing. Let our Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyers take the burden of handling your personal injury claim off your shoulders.

What To Do After a Birmingham Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can happen in a split second and leave you pretty shaken up. Knowing the basics after an accident is crucial — for your safety and for boosting your potential personal injury claim.

The first thing to do is seek immediate medical care. You also need to make sure everyone on the scene is okay. Make sure you follow all directions issued by first responders.

Next, you should notify your insurance company about the crash. You should also contact 911 to report the incident. If possible, take photos and videos of the scene of the accident.

During this difficult time, getting help from a Birmingham motorcycle accident lawyer is important. This ensures you don’t jeopardize your claim by saying things to insurance adjusters that may be misinterpreted. After an accident, Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana is ready to protect your rights and interests.

Foley, Alabama Lawyers

Don’t let insurance companies bully you into signing anything or accepting their first offer. Contact Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana today to learn more about your rights. We will deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Damages Available to Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you can prove someone else’s negligence led to your motorcycle accident and injuries, you may recover financial compensation as a damages award.

Damages include calculable losses, such as:

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damage.

You may also recover damages that aren’t that easy to calculate, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish.

If your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident in Alabama, you might file a claim to receive wrongful death benefits.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

After an accident, having many questions regarding your case is okay. Our attorneys answer some of the common questions that victims frequently ask here:

When should I file a motorcycle accident claim?

According to Alabama Code Section 6-2-38, you must file a claim two years from the date of the accident. If you don’t file your claim within this period, you won’t be able to receive any compensation for your injuries and other losses.

How much will it cost to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer?

At Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana, our Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning you only pay our legal fees once we win your case.

What should I do in the days following the accident?

The most important thing to do is to seek medical attention and follow your doctor’s orders. Make sure you keep a record of all your accident-related expenses and a journal noting how you feel. If an insurance adjuster calls you, don’t accept their offer without speaking to a lawyer.

Do I have a case?

To determine if you have a valid case, it’s best to let an experienced lawyer look at the facts of your case. An attorney can establish negligence and prove liability, helping you build a case against the at-fault party.

If you have more questions regarding your case, call 251-444-7000 to speak to our legal team. We are here to help.

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When a rider is hit by a motor vehicle, the consequences can be catastrophic or even fatal. With little protection during a crash, a rider may suffer severe injuries, such as broken bones or brain damage, that take months or years to heal. The aftermath of such a crash can be a harrowing time for the injured motorcyclist.

As a victim, you may have grounds to file an injury claim seeking compensation. To get the best possible settlement, you need the legal assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Call (855) 390-5566 today to find out if you have a valid case.