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If you’re a victim of a motorcycle crash in Daphne, you already know how horrible the consequences can be. From traumatic brain injuries to broken bones and spinal cord damage, the effects can change the course of your life forever. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to seek financial compensation for your suffering if someone else’s actions caused the accident. All you have to do is file an injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, demanding your case’s worth.

Sadly, while personal injury law intends to make compensation easily accessible to victims, it isn’t always that simple in reality. More often than not, defendants and their insurance companies will try to dispute your claim in numerous ways. For example, they may shift the blame to you, question your credibility, or allege that your condition was pre-existing. This is why you need our Daphne motorcycle collision attorneys to fight for what you deserve on your behalf.

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What Compensation Is Available After a Daphne Motorcycle Crash?

Understanding The Different Types of Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle accident victims in Daphne can receive numerous types of compensation, depending on several factors, especially the severity of their case. These financial awards are categorized into special, general, and punitive damages:

Special Damages

Special damages, also referred to as economic compensation, compensate claimants for their financial losses resulting from the crash. This may be in the form of medical bills, property damage, lost income, and out-of-pocket expenses. Economic damages are measurable and can be proven through receipts, pay stubs, and repair estimates.

General Damages 

The consequences of a motorcycle accident go beyond the physical injuries and financial losses.  In many cases, victims suffer emotional distress and are unable to perform specific activities they once loved. This drastically reduces their quality of life, putting them in a dire position for extended periods.

All of these losses that don’t fall under special damages are called general or non-economic damages. However, unlike economic compensation, general damages are difficult to calculate. Ultimately, the jury decides what amounts to a fair payout by considering several factors, including the duration of the suffering.

Punitive Damages 

Not every claimant receives punitive damages as this type of compensation is reserved for cases involving deliberate or extreme recklessness. This serves to punish the defendant and deter others from similar actions. Note, however, that punitive damages are capped at three times your compensatory damages. So, you can’t receive above $90,000 in punitive damages if the sum of your economic and non-economic damages is $30,000.

You should also be aware that Alabama uses the pure contributory negligence rule in determining liability in motorcycle accident cases. So, even when a motorcyclist is only slightly at fault for the accident, they cannot receive compensation from the more negligent party.

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How Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help?

Our Legal Team Will Guide You Throughout Your Claims Process

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Caldwell, Wenzel, and Asthana, PC, are trained to help you through every aspect of your injury claim. First, we’ll listen to your side of the story and build on the information you provide. We’ll investigate your case to uncover more facts and evidence to strengthen your position. As skilled negotiators, our legal team will work out a fair payout on your behalf. If that fails, we’ll confidently fight for your rights in court.

Our role in ensuring that your case is successful can never be overemphasized. Contact us at (251) 444-7000 for more details of our activities.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Common Questions Clients Ask and Their Respective Answers

Below are the frequently asked questions from motorcycle accident claim clients:

What If My Motorcycle Didn’t Collide with The Defendant’s Car? 

Your motorcycle doesn’t have to collide with a motorist’s vehicle for them to be liable for your injuries. So long as their actions led to the accident, you can still file a claim against them. For example, perhaps you swerved suddenly and crashed into a tree because you were attempting to avoid a collision with them. If their speeding or disregard for other traffic rules necessitated your evasive action, you can hold them accountable for your injuries.

Will My Case Go to Trial? 

Whether your case will end in a lawsuit depends on the intricacies of your case. Generally, most motorcycle accident claims don’t make it to trial as they get settled before the need arises. However, in specific instances, such as when the insurer is uncooperative, a lawsuit will be necessary to recover damages. Our attorneys will analyze your case to determine what approach works best for your situation.

What’s The Difference between Motorcycle and Car Accident Claims? 

While motorcycle and car accidents fall under personal injury law, they shouldn’t be approached the same way. Motorcycle crashes often result in more severe injuries and may involve unique laws that don’t apply to other auto collisions. These considerations are important when tackling motorcycle accident claims as they affect liability.

How Can I Contribute to The Outcome of My Case?

While our motorcycle accident lawyers handle the legalities of your claim, you also have an important role to play. For example, you can help us by promptly providing accurate and detailed information about your case when we ask. You can also contribute to your case’s outcome by gathering and preserving evidence in your possession.

Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that you get clarity in your claims process. So, never fail to reach out to us at (251) 444-7000 whenever you have questions about your case.

Enjoy Optimal Legal Support from Our Daphne Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Our Motorcycle Crash Attorneys in Daphne Will Work to Achieve Fair Damages for Your Injuries

While Alabama provides an avenue for personal injury compensation, the state doesn’t guarantee that it will be a stress-free process. How challenging your road to fair compensation is largely depends on the actions you take after your motorcycle accident. That’s why you mustn’t only get legal representation, but also choose a lawyer with the experience to produce the desired results. We are the law firm of choice.

Our Daphne motorcycle accident lawyers at Caldwell, Wenzel, and Asthana, PC, always strive for the best possible outcomes. We’re familiar with all aspects of the law both theoretically and practically, and will utilize our knowledge to your full advantage. No matter the complexities of your case, you can trust us to tackle it strategically to secure a win for you.

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