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You trust medical professionals with your pregnancy before, during, and after your child’s birth. However, a missed complication, an error during delivery, or poor postpartum care can negatively affect your or your baby’s life.

You may be entitled to compensation if you or your baby suffered harm due to medical malpractice. A prenatal care medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine if you have a case and, if so, proceed with civil action on your behalf.

Birth Injuries Caused by Negligence

A nine-month pregnancy requires consistent medical appointments with an observant doctor. Monitoring your pregnancy for possible complications is a proactive step to protect you and your baby’s health.

One pregnancy complication that goes unnoticed or untreated can significantly impact your baby’s delivery. Among the most common types of pregnancy complications are:

  • Bleeding
  • Preeclampsia
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Amniotic fluid complications

These are a few pregnancy complications that may require treatment or monitoring. Negligence occurs when a medical professional fails to promptly diagnose or treat a complication.

Postpartum negligence can result in inadequate afterbirth care. Potential harm for birth injury during pregnancy includes:

  • Stroke
  • Infection
  • Depression
  • Excessive bleeding
  • High blood pressure

Medical professionals owe patients a duty of care. Pregnancy injury malpractice attorneys can investigate how a doctor breached their duty. Next, attorneys build upon the evidence they discover to demonstrate how the breach resulted in your unfair damages.

Pregnancy and the birth of your child should be a happy occasion. Contact an Alabama pregnancy complications attorney today if medical malpractice results in stress and damages.


Insurance Companies and Pregnancy Negligence

Doctors and hospitals generally fight cases involving malpractice. Insurance companies and lawyers manage their patients by denying or underpaying medical malpractice claims.

The lost wages and medical costs you experienced create a financial burden. So, when an insurance company offers a settlement, you may feel inclined to accept it. Accepting less than you deserve now can haunt you later. Should you or your baby need medical care related to the negligence initially suffered, you cannot sue for more funds.

You need a strong lawyer by your side who can take on large insurers and other lawyers. Managing your fight alone can leave you with little or no compensation.

Protect your best interests by hiring a pregnancy injury malpractice attorney in Alabama who is aggressive with insurers yet caring in their approach with you.

Why Choose Us?

The team at Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana believes no woman or baby should suffer harm due to a negligent healthcare provider. Carrying and delivering a baby is a serious life event with multiple health implications — there is no room for negligence.

One key feature of our team is our outstanding litigation experience, which is powerful in court when fighting for our clients and their damages.

Our litigation experience is so highly regarded that we often receive case referrals from other attorneys. Along with our successful case results, we genuinely value the faith our clients entrust with us.

Birth complications due to pregnancy complications or postpartum negligence are typically preventable. However, if you or your baby suffered birth injuries caused by negligence and medical malpractice, get our legal team on your side today.

How We Can Help

Pregnancy is a months-long event that can tire you before the birthing process begins. In addition to your daily tasks, planning for and welcoming a new baby overwhelms your schedule.

At Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana, we handle the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and more concerning your medical malpractice claim. Your attorney can then negotiate with insurance companies for a fair settlement.

While most pregnancy complication cases settle without trial, we prepare anyway. We go to court if we believe your case is best suited for a judge and jury.

As part of our case-building efforts, we can:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Examine photographs
  • Review medical records
  • Document lost wages

While victims have two years to pursue civil action, twenty-four months is not much time. Medical malpractice can cause you to lose track of time. Before you know it, a month, then a year, passes.

There is no second chance for filing your lawsuit if you miss the statute of limitations deadline. Therefore, your lawyer must get to work as soon as possible. Make hiring a lawyer one of your first steps.

A free case consultation can help you learn more about how Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana can help you. Discovering whether you have grounds for a civil case is the first step in the legal process.

Pregnancy complications and postpartum negligence can leave you feeling alone. You are not alone. CWA wants to help you fight for the damages you suffered. Call us at (251) 444-7000


Pregnancy Complications and Postpartum Negligence FAQs

Medical malpractice attorneys answer frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy complications and postpartum negligence:

What types of damages are common in birth malpractice cases?

Medical costs associated with current and future care, lost wages, and pain and suffering are some of the recoverable damages in a birth malpractice case.

Why do I need to hire pregnancy injury malpractice attorneys?

Alabama civil law is too complex to understand on your own. A birth injury attorney has the experience, skills, and knowledge to help your case.

How long do I have to file a pregnancy negligence lawsuit?

Alabama law allows two years to file a pregnancy negligence lawsuit. Two years is little time when you suffer harm due to negligence.

How long will my pregnancy negligence case take?

It is impossible to predict how long your civil case may take. However, your attorney will attempt to secure a fair settlement as soon as possible.

The mother of my baby died due to pregnancy malpractice. Can I sue?

You may file a wrongful death lawsuit, depending upon your relationship with the decedent. An Alabama wrongful death attorney can help determine if you qualify to pursue compensation for your loss.

Pregnancy complications or postpartum negligence are devastating for families. In addition, such negligence strains your finances as new medical bills add to your pregnancy costs.

Pursuing compensation for your damages is better with a lawyer by your side. Get the help you need by scheduling a free case consultation as soon as possible.

Pregnancy Complications and Postpartum Negligence That Results in Death

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports a rise in the national maternal mortality rate. If you lost a close loved one and/or a baby due to pregnancy negligence, we may be able to help you.

The loss of a loved one due to a medical mistake is not uncommon. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Damages included in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit are somewhat similar to those in a personal injury case. Medical expenses and lost wages are common factors. A wrongful death case may also include funeral and burial costs.

If your loved one’s pregnancy ended in tragedy, let our compassionate team get to work for you. We will work tirelessly to hold those responsible accountable for their negligence.

Contact Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana for Your Pregnancy Complication/Postpartum Negligence Case

Pregnancy complications and postpartum negligence involve frightening outcomes. The risk to your health and your baby is high when a doctor fails to use care. Medical negligence is never acceptable, no matter how respected a doctor is.

Let Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana manage your pregnancy malpractice case. First, we will apply our knowledge of Alabama civil law to your case and work hard to secure a fair settlement. Then, if necessary, we will take your case to an Alabama court.

Get started on your path toward possible justice. Call Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana today at (251) 444-7000.