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You’re driving down the road when a car runs a stop sign and hits you. Or maybe you’re waiting at a stop light and you’re rear-ended. Unfortunately, you quickly find out when you go to exchange insurance information that the other driver has no car insurance. Accident liability insurance is required in every state, including Alabama, but as you’ve just found out, that doesn’t mean that every driver follows the law. Now you’re left to determine what to do next.

What To Do If You’re Hit By an Uninsured Driver in Alabama

If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, here are some things to do and not do at the accident scene:

  • Do call the police. In any car accident situation, it’s important to call the police. It’s especially important when the other driver doesn’t have insurance. Having a police report can help smooth the process when you file a claim with your insurance company under your uninsured motorist policy or should you decide to file a legal claim against the uninsured driver.
  • Do exchange information. Be sure to get contact information from the other driver. This should include their name, address and telephone number. Also, get their driver’s license number and license plate number.
  • Do get witness statements. If there were witnesses to the accident, ask them for written or recorded statements. If it isn’t practical to get statements at the accident scene, ask for their contact information so you can reach out for statements later. Then do so as soon as possible.
  • Do take pictures and jot down accident details. Take photos of the damage done to the cars, any debris in the street, the street signs to show where the accident occurred and the direction the vehicles were traveling. Also, be sure to write things down like the make and model of the other driver’s car if it isn’t clear in the photos.
  • Don’t accept money from the uninsured driver. An Alabama driver with no insurance probably knows they face a big fine or potentially even impoundment of their car or suspension of their driver’s license. They may try to make you go away by offering you money. At this point, you have no way of knowing what your damages are worth, and they may very likely be worth much more than the driver offers, Therefore, it’s advised not to accept money. In such instances, consulting with a Truck accident attorney in Mobile, AL is essential. A skilled attorney can guide you through the process, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your damages.

Visit a Doctor

Even if you feel fine and don’t think you were injured, you should still visit a doctor. Sometimes whiplash and other injuries may not show up until later. Or you may have soft tissue damage, internal bleeding or other serious injuries that you don’t know about. Also, having a doctor’s report will be valuable evidence to provide your insurance company in making your claim and should you decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible following the accident. Let the company know right away that the other driver was uninsured. When you call, have your file of information in front of you that contains the police report, the uninsured driver’s information, witness statements, your doctor’s report and anything else related to the accident.

Consider Consulting an Attorney

Now that you know what to do if you’re hit by an uninsured driver, consider speaking with a car accident attorney who can further help you understand your rights. If you’ve been seriously injured or suffered extensive property damage, your insurance may not cover all of your medical and other bills. A Hurricane Sally claims attorney can assist you in determining whether it makes sense to possibly pursue a legal claim against the uninsured driver who caused your damages.

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