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Personal injury claimants often endure severe bodily harm that makes them temporarily or permanently unable to earn a living. One of the most common of these debilitating injuries is an injury to the neck. Besides the physical disabilities they cause, neck injuries are excruciatingly painful and can also affect the victim’s mental health. This is not to mention the financial strain that arises in the form of medical bills, ongoing care, and physical therapy.

As experienced Birmingham neck injury lawyers, we see firsthand the suffering of our clients during the recovery process. This is all because of an accident that could have been averted if the defendant had been more careful. It’s our compassion for our clients’ sad conditions that make us the aggressive attorneys we are known to be today. We know that they deserve better, and this drives us to relentlessly pursue the maximum financial compensation obtainable in each case.

At Caldwell, Wenzel & Asthana, you can trust us to do everything right to ensure the best outcome considering your individual situation.

Who’s at Fault for My Neck Injuries in Birmingham?

The Elements of Negligence Explained

From auto collisions to product liability and premises liability, many accidents can give rise to a neck injury claim. However, regardless of the story behind your injury, you’ll have to prove the following elements of negligence to hold the defendant accountable:

Duty of Care 

Negligence can only be established when the defendant is legally responsible for your safety in some way. In legal terms, this is referred to as a duty of care.

For example, property owners are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe enough for guests. So, if you slip and fall on the property because you weren’t warned about the wet floor, you can make a claim against the property’s management.

Breach of Duty

Numerous people can owe you a duty of care in certain situations. However, only the persons who did not uphold this duty can be held liable for your injuries.

In auto accident cases, this may mean that the defendant was speeding or failed to follow relevant traffic rules.


Breaching a duty of care will not automatically impose liability on the defendant if their carelessness isn’t responsible for your injuries. As such, you must show a clear and unbroken link between the accident they caused and your neck injury. This means that you can’t hold a party liable for a neck injury you sustained long before the accident occurred. The exception is when the defendant’s negligent act aggravated your pre-existing neck condition.


The essence of personal injury law is to compensate victims for the injuries and losses they suffered due to another’s negligence. This means that a neck injury claim will not be viable if you can’t prove your injuries and other losses.

How Can We Help?

Our Attorneys Are Ready to Walk with You Through the Complexities of Your Case From Start to Finish

Neck injury cases are complicated, especially when you try to handle it alone. Fortunately, our Birmingham neck injury lawyers will perform the following activities to achieve the best outcomes in your case:

  • Review and accurately estimate the value of your case
  • Conduct extensive investigations to uncover hidden facts and evidence to support your claims
  • Clarify difficult areas and offer professional legal advice
  • Maximize your compensation through effective and well-thought-out strategies
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf
  • Aggressively pursue your best interest in a lawsuit.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Neck Injury Claims in Birmingham

Get Accurate Information Regarding Any Area of Your Case

We never get tired of responding to the numerous questions our neck injury clients ask, the most frequent being:

Why Choose Caldwell, Wenzel, & Asthana, PC? 

As a top-rated personal injury law firm, we’re an intimidating force to be reckoned with. More than just our prowess at the negotiation table and in courtrooms, our customized approach to all cases distinguishes us from others. We’re effective, compassionate, approachable, and affordable. Our clients always find it a pleasure working with us.

What If I’m Partially at Fault? 

In Birmingham, contributing to your injuries in any way can affect your right to receive compensation from the negligent party. This is because of the state’s contributory negligence rule that bars individuals from obtaining damages if they’re even 1% at fault.

Is There a Deadline for Filing My Neck Injury Lawsuit in Birmingham? 

Per Alabama Code, Section 6-2-38, you must file your neck injury claim within 2 years from the accident date to get compensation. The court will dismiss your case If you miss this deadline. Although certain factors may delay or stop the countdown, these are pretty rare situations. As such, it’s important to begin your claims process as early as possible.

What Happens If I Can’t Afford Your Legal Services?

With Caldwell, Wenzel, & Asthana, PC, your financial condition is no barrier to quality legal services. This is all thanks to our contingency-fee arrangement for personal injury cases. With this, you’ll not be expected to fund our professional fees until you receive compensation for your injuries.

Are there any areas of your case you need clarification on? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (251)-444-7000.

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Let Us Help You Maximize Your Payout

Many preventable accidents, such as those that result in severe neck injuries, can have devastating life-long consequences for the victim. However, the actions you take after the accident can significantly improve or worsen your overall quality of life.

One of the wisest decisions to make in your situation is to have our neck injury lawyers on your side. Our law firm is known for decades of experience in successfully handling neck injury claims, commitment to our client’s cause, and excellent negotiation skills. Given our impressive case results, there’s a good chance that you’ll be adequately compensated when you work with us.

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