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Under Alabama law, a person (principal) may designate under a durable power of attorney another person (healthcare proxy) who shall have the authority to make health care decisions on behalf of the principal.

This durable power of attorney for healthcare is often referred to as a:

  • Living will and healthcare proxy
  • Advance directive for healthcare
  • Declaration

The intent behind this law is that all adults have the right to control and/or direct the decisions relating to the rendering of their own medical care even when they subsequently become incompetent to actively participate is such decision making. Through a duly executed durable power of attorney for healthcare, the state of Alabama preserves the rights of a competent adult person to make written declarations about his or her health care decisions, including, designation of a health care proxy to make most medical decisions on behalf of the person, and whether medical procedures, life-sustaining treatments, and artificially-provided nutrition and hydration are to be provided, withheld, or withdrawn in instances of terminal conditions and permanent unconsciousness.

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