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Caldwell Wenzel & Asthana negotiated a $3,000,000.00 Estate Dispute Settlement for their clients.  Dee Asthana led this case to a successful resolution which included a disputed last will and testament as well as the guardianship of a disabled adult heir.  In this matter, our clients’ mother died leaving a large estate.  A dispute arose over questionable transactions on the mother’s account by a grandchild, who had managed to become the mother’s power of attorney and named executor through a recent change to the estate plan.  Our team challenged the will on the grounds that it was obtained through undue influence and that the mother was not mentally competent to make the purported changes.  Attorney Dee Asthana, whose skillful negotiations were instrumental in this achievement said,

“I feel elated that my client now has a safe home where she is loved by a more suitable guardian, and that both my clients and their mother’s wishes have been vindicated.  I am proud of all the hard work our team has put into this case, and we all feel encouraged by the outcome of this case.”