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****SETTLEMENT ALERT**** Our client worked at the Wharf in Orange Beach. She had just finished her shift around 3:00 am and was headed home. Around the same time, the at-fault party just left The Keg Lounge and Grill. Our client had the green light as she traveled on AL-180 when all of sudden, the at-fault party without braking or yielding right of way, turned left and caused a head-on collision with our client. At the scene of the accident, the at-fault party told the police officer that our client’s light was red and that she ran into him. We are so glad that our client decided to call Caldwell Wenzel law firm! The lawyers at Caldwell Wenzel with thorough investigative work were able to prove that our client had the green light and won her $100,000 for her injuries, pain, and suffering. While we could not return her summer to her and her family, it was rewarding to obtain justice for our client, and correct the wrong.